Private residence design and styling


My approach to home styling of private residences is extremely broad; I look at the whole and then endeavor to transform it into the perfect space that breeds atmosphere, is filled with spirit, and tells a unique story of its own.

To realize the maximal potential of every home and bring this goal to fruition, I escort my client from the preliminary design and blueprints all the way to the final stage of décor as we dress up the house with all the minute details and accents. At Matter & Spirit, home styling means filling the house from top to bottom with all the furniture, furnishings, amenities and accents that you dream of owning. Gone are the days when a beautifully designed and renovated home features ‘temporary’ plastic dining room chairs and folding tables that somehow become permanent…
I’m a firm believer that a house and apartment must be a home—full and fulfilling. Home styling does precisely that, making design dynamic and pretty into perfect. With the art of home styling we ensure that every piece of furniture not only fits the look of the home, but actively contributes to its design and atmosphere; that every accent, ornament and textile is carefully selected, positioned or hung in the ideal spot, integrating magically into a perfect whole.
As always, I offer my clients VIP service that begins with a shared introductory journey through which I become acquainted with my client, his aspirations, values and lifestyle. Together, we prepare clear work plans, quantity lists and publicize a contractor’s tender that lets the client benefit from clear price quotes. Price quotes allow you to compare prices realistically and set a clear budget, a factor that spares you unpleasant surprises at the end.
In the secondary stage, I perform a weekly inspection of the premises, escort you through your selection of materials and, finally, accompany you to stores and guide your choice of furniture and accents. Unlike other interior designers, the number of meetings for this service is unlimited, and you can rest assured that I’ll be there for you and with you from beginning to end. Because the final result is no less important to me than to you, and sometimes… even more!
A house that feels like vacation; a vacation that lets you feel right at home…
My expertise in designing and decorating vacation homes and cottages, and in renovating and furnishing houses for foreign residents, directly impacts my proficiency and approach to designing and decorating private homes and apartments for local clients. Throughout the design process, I endeavor to infuse a vacation spirit of luxury, comfort and indulgence into every home, letting the owners love and revel in their homes every day. My goal is to make your house somewhere you won’t want to leave, and a haven of comfort, serenity, beauty that you look forward to coming home to. Every day.