Additional Services

In addition to our studio’s flagship design services, Matter & Spirit is pleased to offer our clients several supplementary services, as well:
As per the request and needs of the client, we’ll prepare a set of plans and blueprints only.
Material selection
We gladly escort our clients and help them sift through the overwhelming selections of building materials required for renovations or apartment construction, including floors, wall panels, facings, sanitary units, light fixtures, etc.
This service includes a series of prearranged appointments and meetings to choose materials.

Home styling
Matter & Spirit will dress up your home in your unique style to ensure ultimate design, beauty and comfort, from the basics of furniture and appliances, lighting, textile and décor to the most minute elements and amenities as dishes, linens and towels.
This service includes a series of preliminary planning meetings and a series of shopping appointments that will be determined at the start of the project.