Home design for foreign residents

Your dream home in Israel.
Matter & Spirit designs homes in Israel for foreign citizens.
I know where you’re coming from, and I can relate to the emotions and challenges you’re about to face. First, you need to find the house or apartment of your choice, ascertain that the location is right, the price is fair, and that it possesses the potential that you want. Next, you need to choose a designer and contractor to carry out requisite exterior and interior renovations as well as the interior design. If that’s not enough, you need to supervise the job and ensure that the job is done right, according to your specifications, and that it meets your standards of excellence.
And all from afar.
It’s overwhelming, intimidating, almost impossible. How can you be sure that you won’t be taken for a ride and that the house you eventually enter will match the one of your dreams?

As an Israeli whose mother tongue is English, I pride myself on being a part of two worlds, of appreciating the mentality of both and bringing out the best in both. Furthermore, as an interior designer with vast experience in both the real estate and design industries, I can offer you all this, and more, guaranteeing that you’ll emerge satisfied from the overall experience and with a beautiful home in Israel that you can proudly call your own.
When undertaking such a project, I serve dually as planner and designer and also as the client, filling in for you wherever you want to be. I travel to the site, inspect the house, monitor construction/renovation, meticulously select materials, meet and consult with professionals, negotiate with them assertively and remain steadfast to the project to ensure a superior end result, with your needs and requests as my signposts. In addition, I also manage the total budget, along with costs of construction and renovations, with full transparency. Above all, I serve as your personal representative, someone who understands you and your needs, someone you can trust—someone who values your money, guards your interests and ensures that you get the very best.
If you have not yet bought an apartment, I can gladly escort you through the process of selection and purchase. In the event that the apartment is already yours, I enter the picture immediately and gladly accommodate your needs whatever they may be.
Matter & Spirit is proud to offer our foreign clients the following services:
All services include full accompaniment throughout every stage:
–  Preparing a program—selecting a purpose for the property
–  Preparing plans and blueprints
– Selection and purchase of materials
–  Preparing construction plans
– Preparing quantity lists
–  Publishing tender for contractor
– Hiring top artisans and workmen
–  Supervising on-site labor
–  Professional cleaning and polishing after construction
– Complete home styling services beginning with furniture, appliances and textile and ending with décor, amenities, practical and aesthetic objects, and home essentials and accents
**When purchasing an apartment from a contractor, there is no need to hire a contractor or laborers.In this case, the process begins with introducing changes and improvements into the layout and design, selecting raw materials, supervising construction, and decorating the house from top to bottom.

As part of the VIP service we offer to our foreign clientele, our financial office will manage your project account from beginning to end, taking care to remain within a pre-established budget. Total financial accompaniment includes bookkeeping, monitoring payments for materials and to service providers, documentation, negotiating with banks, etc., in an organized fashion and with regular reports to the client.
I provide you with clear, frequent updates throughout every stage of construction and design, sending on-line photos from the site to let you experience and enjoy continued progress and development. I also send you high-resolution images of quality materials including floors, panels, lighting, furniture and furnishings so we can choose together what you like best. My ultimate goal as your designer is to ensure that you’re secure in the knowledge that you’re getting the very best, that you’re a partner in building your home, and that your home in Israel will be the house of your dreams!
In the event that the wrong material is delivered or that the substance is of a lesser quality than promised (as often occurs in large-scale construction projects), I’m there on site to identify the blunder and assertively guard your interests to guarantee that you get the very best.
Ultimately, it’s a win-win situation. You’re a full-fledged partner in all the enjoyable stages of building your dream home. You choose. You influence. Your desires prevail. And best of all, you’re spared the frustration, headache, mess and effort that are the inevitable side effects of construction and renovation!