Vacation cottage and apartment design for investors


Where design & vacation converge.

The years I spent dually managing my vacation rental apartments and my interior design office contributed immeasurably to my knowledge and experience in designing vacation homes and apartments.
In contrast to a private home where a design is individual and the owner must love every wall and tile, nook and cranny in order to live there daily and derive maximal physical, emotional and spiritual comfort and satisfaction; vacation home design is accomplished on a different level and with different motivation. Here, the purpose and perspective is not the owner’s preference, comfort or gratification but upon business—profits and economic gain.
Vacation rental designs are created based on the feeling and atmosphere that the client wants the unit to project and the vacationer to absorb, a factor that also greatly impacts the price of the rental. Thus, the root issue here is appreciation of potential profit.
Whether the mood engendered by the unit is pastorally peaceful or dazzling urban, the purpose is one and the same: To create a space that will be inviting, appealing and satisfying to the vacationer; justify the client’s financial outlay; and provide him with fabulous returns on his investment!
Vacationers seek a high level of comfort and quality along with a special design and atmosphere that they don’t have at home. The choice of vacation accommodations usually match the vacationer’s dream home—even if it’s only for the day or week. Here is where the favorite part of my profession–conceptual design—comes mostly into play. Matter & Spirit vacation home and apartment designs are characterized by an underlying theme that guides the design process, infuses intrigue, substance and spirit into the unit, and shares its unique story with the vacationer.
Throughout the project, our staff meets with the investor, evaluates the property and its surroundings, designates a clear budget and defines expectations along with a clear concept. With these preliminary stages accomplished, we fashion a unique design, a unit that is magical and inviting to the vacationer, and will serve its owner as a long-term profitable investment with great returns!