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27 בNovember 2014

Ladders & Dreams – Parshat Vayeitze

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Yaakov dreams of a ladder.

“And he dreams, and behold there is a ladder positioned on the earth, and its head reaches the heavens…Angels of G-d are going up and down on it.” Yaakov travels from a place that is familiar and stable to the unknown, somewhere new, elevated and lofty…

Some time ago, I vacationed up north with my husband. When we entered our hotel room, we were treated to a pleasant surprise. The wall behind the headboard was decorated with beautiful wallpaper and a painting of a watch with the following message:

“The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.”

In order to realize a dream, a person must get up and make it happen!


Those few days up north may have been a dream vacation, but I didn’t sleep very well at night, since I spent the vast majority of those nighttime hours pondering how I can realize my own dreams and my clients’ dreams… Which ladder should I climb?

The magic ladder

There’s something about ladders integrated into a design that enchants me.

Maybe because there’s something magical to a ladder.

house plus                       good housekeeping                umelecky


As a woman who’s not very tall, ladders help me reach places that others can attain merely by standing on their tiptoes (like the third shelf on my top kitchen cabinet!) They’re also particularly helpful in reaching places that are basically inaccessible to anyone—like the attic and a burned-out light bulb.

Ladders let me transition between what is familiar, what’s tried and true, to a higher goal that I aspire to reach.


The floor and earth that we walk upon are stable and constant, safe and secure. Ladders, in contrast, can be treacherous.  Climbing a ladder may end in a perilous fall. On the other hand, in order to gain something new and worthwhile, I must lift one foot off the tried and true and grope my way carefully onto the next rung, remaining hanging several moments clutching onto thin air as I eagerly await what I seek.

Whenever I see a ladder in the house, I know that something’s up. Maybe the window shade broke? Maybe the light bulb died? Maybe someone is rummaging through the attic searching for a childhood treasure…

A ladder whispers that somebody is taking a moment to step out of common routine!

       etsy                                                              chris ruhe


Naturally, ladders in a house aren’t meant solely for functional purposes, but can also be used as a poignant accent in design. A ladder that’s rightly positioned in a house can serve as a metaphor for climbing after your dreams. And this image reminds me to stretch my hands, reach for the sky, and never fall!

trendspanarna                              ikea                                       agya sztaltv


matter-spirit-vayetse-6  apartment therapy                                           vintage market


desire to inspire                                                 planete-deco


  Searching for more ideas and inspirations in how to use ladders?  Check out my ladders board on My Pinterest!


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  1. Faye says:

    Loved this! Look up and Keep climbing!

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