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7 בOctober 2014

Getting Out – Sukkot



“The contractor told me that the apartment comes with a sukkah porch…”

Including a sukkah porch in the blueprints of an apartment means appreciating the significance of comfort and practicality. An adjacent sukkah makes it infinitely easier to celebrate Sukkot at home, to serve food and carry cots and mattresses out of the sukkah for those whose custom it is to sleep inside the sukkah.

People interested in absolute comfort and practicality, and who are fortunate to own a place on a top floor without neighbors dancing over their heads, may include a retractable roof in their living room or kitchen that, comes Sukkot—voila!—turns the room into a kosher sukkah! It’s practical, certainly; convenient, undeniably, albeit it does somewhat lose out on the temporariness that is so deeply intertwined with this wonderful holiday… Traditionally, Sukkot comes along with a feeling of changing the pace, adopting new routine, and reaffirming faith and trust in the One Who commanded us to leave the security of our homes and enter sukkot—which is what Sukkot is all  about!

On Our Way!

Naot farm


A Night in Greece, An Evening in Tuscany

When I want to get away, but away, I’m looking for a whole new environment, fresh scenery, a change of pace and routine. I usually scan lists of zimmers (vacation cottages), beginning far north and ending down south in search of the perfect spot.

I love going places, seeing new ideas and tasting from the varied possibilities in design. So instead of flying oversees to spend a night in Greece or Tuscany and researching all the attractions over there, I spend my time—as I’m sure you can imagine!—searching for a vacation cottage with a different design and motif. A place with spirit, with ambiance, with a story to tell.  I study it carefully for all the major and minor details, and if it’s not 100% perfect, then I try the next place…

If you’re looking to integrate a unique Sukkot atmosphere into your couple or family vacation, you can search for a vacation cottage with a desert theme… A sukkah covered with green palm branches that invite warm, summer breezes to penetrate, a wooden pergola overlooking a breathtaking, open area, and an ambiance that carries us back in time to the days of our forefathers in the desert, but with all the modern amenities that we enjoy!

Kfar Hanokdim


Haroa farm




While I love to travel and enjoy a well-deserved retreat, I equally love to host and serve, to give others the feeling that they’re welcome and can enjoy a vacation and wonderful getaway in the comfort of my abode.


Two Corners to My Vacation Rentals…

In the flowering gardens of my Jerusalem home, I own and manage two vacation apartments, which are as different from each other as night and day. One bears a distinct Moroccan motif, while the other is fresh and modern.


My love of design and homestyling goes back as long as I can remember. My favorite pastime flourished into a life’s calling when I first began designing my vacation rentals. The process of transforming the apartments into comfortable, aesthetic  accommodations for others to enjoy represented a journey that I will describe in segments throughout my future posts.

our back yard


Welcome All Ushpizin!

So for now, you’re all invited to be my Ushpizin—guests in our sukkah! My sukkah may not feature a Tuscan or Grecian feel, but it does exude a unique atmosphere of its own and a warm, loving feel that tells all about the holiday…

And, once the holidays have passed and we’re about to enter a long winter, you’re also invited to reserve a sukkot-flavored vacation in one of our two “Royalinn” vacation apartments! We look forward to hosting you, your relatives, friends or anyone planning a trip to Jerusalem who’s seeking that delightful combination where vacation and design converge!

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  1. F. Heiman says:

    The English translation is excellent, compliments to Esther.


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