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1 בOctober 2014

This Fall, White’s in Style! -Yom Kippur

Listen to the Silence!

There is no silence in the world as the pure silence of Yom Kippur morning.

Silence exists in nature, in the tranquility of lapping waters on a sandy shore and in a scented breeze wafting across a dense green forest. Yet the sudden silence of humanity on Yom Kippur, the spontaneous quiet that characterizes towns and cities in Israel which usually abound with noise and traffic, is simply inspiring. It is the one day a year when the entire nation bows its head in collective humility and allows the peaceful voice of Silence to reign supreme.

In the midst of this soft silence, one perceives figures all dressed in white. Men sporting white kippahs and long white kittels. Women wearing white dresses and kerchiefs.  Wherever I look, the people bear a striking resemblance to heavenly angels. It is only one day a year, but a day revealing their innermost spiritual yearning.



In my mind’s eye, I try painting the day of Yom Kippur, but the only color that appears on my canvas is white. I endeavor to leave the white behind, to add various shades and hues, but nothing seems right. On regular weekdays, certainly; on Shabbat, Sukkot, Pesach, my canvas is filled with splashes of color.

But on Yom Kippur, all is white.


Free of sin, free of holiness

I try imagining a Yom Kippur characterized only by the physical actions and mitzvot of the day:

We’re commanded to fast?  We’ll fast.

We’re supposed to go to shul? Let’s go.

A Yom Kippur without the pristine white. A Yom Kippur lacking the exalted song of prayer.  A Yom Kippur that is void of heart, of soul…

And I feel that while such a Yom Kippur may be free of sin, it is also free of holiness, of the pure atmosphere that elevates this day.



A house can be designed with the singular goal of practicality.

We need cabinets? Install the cabinets.

We need bookshelves? Hammer in the shelves.

It’s functional. It’s useful.

But it’s lifeless.

The atmosphere of a home is what I strive to build, to design, to express. I toil to grant expression and freedom to what the soul craves most.

The atmosphere of a home is created from a combination of many factors, as well as the people and items that occupy it. It is formulated by the family’s relationships, energies, characters, and even the aroma of food cooked in the kitchen.

Best of all is when all these meld directly into a home whose design was fashioned especially for them and tells their unique story.


Laboratory white

One school of thought perceives white as anemic, cold, boring. Reminiscent of a laboratory.

I, however, believe that one who was exposed to a white design can’t help but be swept up and riveted by its magic. There is a unique purity, cleanliness, radiance, quiet and serenity exuded only by White.

Let me introduce you to someone who appreciates that laboratory white can be beautiful, pure and regal. Visit Fine Lab, a design brand founded in Moshav Ein Vered, where white is given full expression, where the quiet is encouraged to speak its mind and share itself.


Like a stunning bride in a pristine white gown.


Venturing on a brand new road.

Just like Yom Kippur.

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