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18 בSeptember 2014

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Matter & Spirit

It’s been all the rage for the past decade or so; the connection between body and soul. The need to nourish both the matter and spirit. The physical and corporeal that anchors the spirit versus the spirit imbued within every physical object which, if only revealed, would sprout wings and soar heavenward…

Most people are accustomed to being primarily affected by only one of these two extremes—either the matter or spirit.

They are diametric opposites, conflicting and divergent, pulling forcefully in two directions and allowing only one to prevail.

But like Moshe Rabbeinu who glimpsed a burning bush in the desert that “Blazed but was not consumed;” sometimes, we can witness a fusion of physical and spiritual that allows both to remain equally strong.

A window to the Torah portion

Readers reflect upon the weekly Torah portion as significant and relevant to their daily lives, viewing it through their unique window of perception. Some people can even see their life’s work and mission expressed in the sacred text. A lawyer searches for human and social justice; a psychologist spies the deeper relationships—parent vs. child, brothers, spouses.  Sometimes, the window may even transform, or else the lens through which one looks at changes or is affected by one’s identity and what currently occupies one at this point in life.

Every person has his individual ‘window to the parshah,’ a pane melding physical and spiritual, substance and spirit. As an interior designer who loves design, I constantly glimpse designs and blueprints in each and every Torah portion. I gaze at life through the lens of colors, shapes and textures. My trained eye spots the artisans, the homes, the pictures, images, tools and other beauties of creation that appear in each portion.

Wings in the window

Dear friends and readers, I wish to give you a gift of wings. Transparent wings.  The opportunity to stand on my windowsill as I share with you the reflections of my heart and soul.

I invite you, fellow lovers of beauty and design, to open a new window into the world of design and renovation, to bask weekly in the freshness of a new Torah portion and to gain from the profound content and messages inherent in each one.

Together, dear readers, we will delve into the weekly Torah portion and glean important lessons… But this time, we will peer through the window of design, focusing upon our higher goal of fusing matter and spirit!

**This blog, is written and posted originally in Hebrew by Aviva Loberbaum, and is translated into English by Esther Perkal, M.A. of Targum Master Translation & Copywriting.


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