Ideology in Design

Matter & Spirit
The world of interior design is founded primarily on the use of materials; and in my opinion, design precedes the question of balance. I view matter and substance as a vessel to contain spirit—the atmosphere and meaning that we infuse into it. At Matter & Spirit, we emphasize the significance of balance, generating the link between beauty and appeal and depth and spirit, creating a home that tells a wondrous story of its own. Each one of our clients is a unique individual, and we strive to express that individuality in the walls and furnishing of his home through what I term the ‘significant design.’
It’s especially fascinating to study the inspiration boards that I fashion for my clients and to see the void and yearning engendered immediately thereafter. It is a void reflecting the spirit, atmosphere and meaning beyond the walls, floor tiles and furniture. You can read more about the intrinsic connection between matter and spirit and about significant design in my blog (link).
Conceptual Design
To me, concept is defined as the substance and matter that contributes to the spiritual dimension of a design. Conceptual designs are primarily integrated into models for vacation homes and cottages, due to the depth and intrigue that these spaces are intended to convey. However, I also utilize conceptual designs even in private homes and residences when I serve as partner in choosing the furniture and décor and dressing up the space with the final touches that turn a house into a home, and a home into a work of art.
Functional Aesthetics
Aesthetics and order both occupy a vital place in the space where we live our lives, and both have far reaching ramifications upon our individual lifestyle. The design aspect impacts our family’s mood and energies, whereas aesthetics in a home promote special, touching moments that emphasize the unity of family. Choice décor engenders sentiments of calm and invites a person to rest, relax, recharge his batteries, give and receive love in turn.
Inasmuch as aesthetics, design and décor matter, I believe that an equal amount of thought and energy must be devoted to the physical order, use and functionality of a home. A home must be practical and useful; serve the owners wisely and constructively; and increase productivity, peace of mind and quality of life to the same extent as design. Here, as well, throughout my constant search for balance and practicality, I design a home from the perspective of the mother, approaching the project with an eye for practicality and functionality that fuses perfectly with the aesthetic design.
“The old will be renewed, and the new sanctified”—Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook.
My personal style focuses on clean design. Using natural materials, textures and radiant colors along with touches of vintage, Matter & Spirit creates an overall warm, fresh and elegant home that possesses depth, meaning and tells a unique, inspirational story of its own.