Welcome to Our Studio

Matter & Spirit Design and Home Styling Studio is located in the German Colony, an attractive, vibrant and artsy neighborhood in the heart of Jerusalem. The studio’s eclectic design is a glimpse of my personal taste and preferences, symbolizing the spirit that serves as the core foundation of the business and offering constant stimulation and inspiration to me and my wonderful staff.

Matter & Spirit specializes in creating complete homes, from the initial planning and blueprint stages and until the final touches of home styling and furnishing, for a dream home designed A to Z! Our departments include home design for foreign residents ; vacation cottage and apartment design for investors ; and private home and residence design . All projects are initiated and carried out with meticulous attention to the major and minute details that stems from our genuine love of the profession. We also offer additional services including design and preparation of plans, assistance in material selection and home styling services.
Interior design is not only a profession, but also a process requiring patience and dedication; and the projects completed by our studio are characterized by an infinite amount of both. At Matter & Spirit, our staff approaches each and every project with this awareness, with openness and motivation to work hand in hand with you until both the client and designer are fully satisfied with the results. We’re attentive to your requests and desires, your needs, your challenges and hardships, and we seek to resolve each one with utmost sensitivity and concern. As the driving force behind the studio, I strive to meld my personal strengths into the knowledge and professional services that we provide, thus offering my clients creativity, excellent taste and precision, along with empathy, patience and genuine devotion.

The process begins…
The first stage in interior design is getting to know the client, a prerequisite to creating a unique design that will reflect his individual values, dreams, needs, preferences and lifestyle. It is an exhilarating journey that commences with a vision and ends with satisfaction and shared joy. Throughout our voyage, we will jointly reveal many forms of beauty, be exposed to fascinating substances and materials, brainstorm for creative ideas and enjoy a taste of aesthetics. As with every journey, there will inevitably be moments of frustration, hesitation, unsolved questions and even mistakes, but these will culminate with a special, thrilling result that ties together all loose ends, eliminates questions, resolves doubts and encompasses myriad experiences and memories, leading us both to realize the inner dream buried deep within us.
Our studio allows clients to employ contractors and professionals of their choice who will implement the design under our supervision. Simultaneously, we invite and encourage you to exploit the quality services offered by our recommended professionals with whom we’ve worked hand-in-hand for many years, with fabulous success. The contractors and artisans endorsed by our studio have proven their ability to provide quality service, abide by clear design specifications, maintain a strict schedule, and work cooperatively, respectively and courteously with our clients and staff.