About the designer

avivaAviva Loberbaum is a graduate of Michlelet Design in Jerusalem and Studio B6 in Tel Aviv, where she acquired the art and skills of interior design. She is the founder and owner of Matter & Spirit Interior Design and Home Styling Studio (link to About the Studio), which opened in 2007 in her hometown of Jerusalem.

I was born in Jerusalem to American parents who made aliyah shortly after their marriage. As far back as I can remember, awareness and love of beauty and aesthetics, along with a natural grasp of functionality and order, were indistinguishable facets of my character. As a mother of six, I wholly appreciate the importance of imbuing maximal practicality alongside beauty, appeal and a unique atmosphere into every home.

Though design was always my first love, I never envisioned myself as the owner of a popular design studio. Divine Providence led me on a different road however, and incredibly, my original planned career as an occupational therapist metamorphosed into my current one as an interior designer. I studied occupational therapy in Hebrew University, and throughout my studies, training and subsequent employment, was constantly discerning the dual aesthetics and functionality that sparked naturally from my profession.

In the framework of my job as an occupational therapist, I developed the concept of a therapeutic play center designed uniquely for children with special needs and their families. Ultimately, I was chosen to spearhead the project, lovingly guiding it from its very first seeds and until the ribbon-cutting ceremony of Helena House in the prominent Yad Sarah center in Jerusalem. Throughout the endeavor, I invested innumerable hours and tireless effort to engender maximal operational use of the play center. This required creating, among others, a clear catalogue system, lending policies, etc., aspects that faithfully serve the center until this very day. My constant interaction and work with special needs children and their families impacted me deeply, influencing my manner of relating to my clients with a warm, professional approach, devotion and patience.

It was about a decade ago that I determined to leave the world of therapy behind and found a new, independent business. Together with my husband, Shlomo, I purchased and designed two stunning vacation short term rentals (hyperlink to Orchan Hamelech) that we offer for short-term lease to tourists and vacationers. This enterprise is still thriving and brings us, along with our many satisfied customers, immense satisfaction and pleasure. Simultaneously, the business opened a new window for me, contributing vastly to my knowledge and awareness of tourism and particularly vacation homes. This experience in real estate and vacation apartments proved invaluable in my entrance into the world of interior design.

My informal jobs designing the Yad Sarah Play Center and embellishing the vacation apartments inspired me to give basis and expression to my natural flair for design by studying the profession of interior design and home styling and turning hobby into professional pursuit.

Years have passed during which I have been fortunate to enjoy the sweet fruits of my labor. Today, when I rise each morning anew, I am overcome with gratitude for having been one of the lucky souls whose profession is also their love. My days are full and fulfilling, exhilarating and accomplishing, and when I go to sleep each night, I close my eyes with warm sentiments of gratification and joy as colors, shapes, textures and materials float happily through my dreams…